ReZone Executive Coaching

ReZone Coaching Founder, Brian Houp

Who is Brian?  Why the focus on ‘clarity among chaos’?

Coaching through chaotic times is nothing new to Brian. His 14 years spent leading in the fast-paced telecommunications advertising industry presented him with the challenge of coaching others through 5 mergers and acquisitions. Despite the constant change, Brian’s teams thrived. Most were recognized in the top 5% of their peers across the country.

Since 2013, Brian has been coaching a variety of key leaders in many different situations. From corporate organizations to non-profits to independently owned businesses, the tactics and strategies used are uniquely customized for each leader and his or her situation.

It takes a high achiever to coach high achievers.  Brian is constantly challenging himself to achieve at higher levels. Although shamefully voted the office workaholic at one point in his career, Brian has learned to use his personal life experiences and past business successes to coach others in a unique way that delivers both personal satisfaction and business results.

He takes great pride in a personal commitment to his faith and family. He works hard to be fully present with his two-time breast cancer survivor wife while raising nephews that lost their mother following her long battle with substance abuse.

Brian Houp