Empower your leaders to be their best.

Organizations work hard to ensure they have the resources in place to proactively support their key leaders when challenging situations arise. However, it’s often difficult to fully serve these needs using only internal resources. If left unchecked, even the best leaders become disengaged and have a negative impact on their team and others.

We empower organizations to stay ahead of the curve with leadership coaching that’s proactive, focused and manageable. Our experienced coaches help your leaders stay highly-engaged and well-balanced. These capable, confident and happy leaders that will create a more positive culture with better collaboration and productivity.

When your leaders have the right resources and the customized support they need to become the best version of themselves, everyone wins. Get the coaching resources you need to bring positive short term impact and long term foundational stability to your organization.

Why ReZone

Our executive coaches guide leaders to generate immediate and lasting positive impact!

Improved Efficiency

Save time and money with leaders who increase communication and drive strategic collaboration across all levels of the organization.

Positive Culture

Build a positive internal culture with well-balanced leaders who love their work and are deeply connected to the teams they lead.

Stronger Engagement

Develop engaged leaders who are loyal to your organization. These strong advocates help reduce employee turnover while attracting other high quality talent.

Our ReZone team coaches successful leaders to navigate the chaos that comes with leading complex organizations during unique times of both adversity and opportunity. Asking difficult questions and challenging the status quo, they help clients increase the time and attention given to key priorities while they become more effective in that space.

Clarify | Simplify | Advance

It’s a simple formula for any leader in an environment prone to potential overwhelm.

  1. CLARIFY: Reaffirm clear priorities and clarify the leader’s current reality. 
  2. SIMPLIFY: Convert the leader’s big picture vision into simple, actionable steps.
  3. ADVANCE: Proactively and consistently advance to the desired outcomes.
Brian Houp
Brian Houp
Senior Level Management

Key leaders in successful organizations understand the importance of maintaining clarity with the ability to stay focused on the most important key issues. The rate of ongoing change encountered everyday is unparalleled and unprecedented. Personal leadership effectiveness must stay ahead of the rate of change so these leaders can successfully navigate the chaos they face each day.

High Potential Emerging Leader

The whatever it takes attitude and undying commitment to take on new challenges brings high potential leaders incredible success! In turn, they are given more opportunity and additional responsibility. They embrace the newly expanded team and welcome the long list of recently created initiatives. At some point, the plate they carry becomes too full to do everything at the level of excellence they pride themselves in.

Business Founder & CEO

When a business is new, the leader is confident that they could offer a better service to the market and make a nice profit too. They knew it would take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. And they were totally right on all accounts. It’s lonely at the top when you own the place and it’s important to be intentional and proactive about evolving the business in a manner consistent with the leader’s priorities.

Hear What People Are Saying

We have worked with other coaches in the past and there is really no comparison when it comes to the progress we have made while working with ReZone. ReZone coaches don't just tell you what to do, they help you figure out how to do it and follow up to make sure it is on track to get done. I highly recommend ReZone to any business owner or leader.- Jessica Bledsoe, RCN Technologies
This has been one of the most beneficial things I have done to improve the health of my company. My profitability has improved. My time management has improved. Even though our business is busier than ever, I am less scattered and in more control.- Kim Foster, Window World of Louisville
My ReZone coach has a great gift at making me feel comfortable while at the same time holding me accountable. That is an unusual and significant ability for this line of work. The commitment to staying focused on goals and objectives has been invaluable to increasing my success as the leader of my organization.- Carrie Gerrard, Eastern Area Community Ministries

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