High achievers are rarely satisfied.

Bigger. Better. Faster. We push ourselves and those around us to achieve things others only dream about. We slam the pedal to floor, cranking from gear to gear at break neck speed.

Although our success has many facets and phases along the way, there’s one particular area where the magic happens. This is when we are in ‘The Zone’. While ‘The Zone’ may be defined a bit differently from person to person, the core concept is the same.

Being fully immersed in your zone is a place with energized focus where high quality work seems to flow with great ease. The results are often unparalleled in quality, effectiveness, and productive output! Great leaders are separated from the average when they master their awareness of their zone relative to the mirage of distractions constantly coming their way.

The Mission

ReZone Coaching was developed by Executive Coach, Brian Houp with three main goals in mind.

Maximum Performance

Help other high achieving leaders maximize their performance in their organizations.

Increased Satisfaction

Continue to increase the personal satisfaction and fulfillment received from that role and how it impacts life away from it.

Lasting Transformation

Provide transformational development opportunities that last and continue to impact others for years to follow.

Brian coaches successful leaders to navigate the chaos that comes with leading complex organizations during unique times of both adversity and opportunity. Asking difficult questions and challenging the status quo, he helps his clients increase the time and attention they give to key priorities while becoming more effective in this space.

Clarify. Simplify. Advance.

It’s a simple formula for any leader in an environment prone to potential overwhelm. Stop and step away from the day to day so you can examine your current reality.

  1. Develop a clear understanding of the current circumstances and a clear vision of the ideal.
  2. Simplify the way it’s looked at and the action steps needed to get to where you want to be.
  3. Execute and advance it forward.
How is it Possible?

Coaching through chaotic times is nothing new to Brian. His 14 years spent leading in the fast paced telecommunications advertising industry presented him with the challenge of coaching others through 5 mergers and acquisitions. Despite the constant change, Brian’s teams thrived. Most were recognized in the top 5% of their peers across the country.

Since 2013, Brian has been coaching a variety of key leaders in many different situations. From corporations to non-profits to independently owned businesses, the tactics and strategies used are uniquely customized for each leader and his or her situation.

It’s takes a high achiever to coach high achievers.  Brian is constantly challenging himself to achieve at higher levels. Although shamefully voted the office workaholic at a one point in his career, Brian has learned to use his personal life experiences and past business successes to coach others in a unique way that delivers both personal satisfaction and business results.

He takes great pride in a personal commitment to his faith and family. He works hard to be fully present with his two-time breast cancer survivor wife while raising nephews that lost their mother following her long battle with substance abuse.

Brian Houp
Brian Houp
Senior Level Management

As a key leader in your successful organization, you understand the importance of maintaining clarity with the ability to stay focused on your most important key issues. The rate of ongoing change you encounter everyday is unparalleled and unprecedented. You know you must be sure your personal leadership effectiveness stays ahead of the rate of change and that you can successfully navigate the chaos you face each day. Is it time for you to ReZone?

Business Founder & CEO

When you started the business, you were confident that you could offer a better service to the market and make a nice profit too. You knew it would take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. And you were totally right on all accounts. It’s lonely at the top when you own the place and it’s important to be intentional and proactive about evolving your business in a manner consistent with YOUR priorities. Is it time to ReZone how you run your business?

High Potential Emerging Leader

Your whatever it takes attitude and undying commitment to take on new challenges has brought you incredible success! In turn, you’ve been given more opportunity and additional responsibility. You embrace the newly expanded team and welcome the long list of recently created initiatives. At some point, the plate you carry becomes too full to do everything at the level of excellence you pride yourself in. It’s time to ReZone!

Hear What People Are Saying

We have worked with other coaches in the past and there is really no comparison when it comes to the progress we have made while working with Brian. He doesn't just tell you what to do, he helps you figure out how to do it and follows up to make sure it is on track to get done. I highly recommend him to any business owner or leader.- Jessica Bledsoe, River City Networks
Brian's ability to challenge people to think and see things from different perspectives and his ability to help break down the issues to root causes that can be tackled and solved is extremely valuable. I highly recommend Brian as a trustworthy and results driven coach.- Annette Villamil, Working Bridges
This has been one of the most beneficial things I have done to improve the health of my company. My profitability has improved. My time management has improved. Even though our business is busier than ever, I am less scattered and in more control.- Kim Foster, Window World of Louisville
Brian has a great gift at making me feel comfortable while at the same time holding me accountable. That is an unusual and significant ability for this line of work. His commitment to staying focused on goals and objectives has been invaluable to increasing my success as the leader of my organization.- Carrie Gerrard, Eastern Area Community Ministries
Brian is one of the most focused and diligent workers and managers I've ever had the honor of working with. One of the things I have always loved about Brian is his ability to look at the same situation from both 100,000 feet and the day to day operational detail level - a skill that is hard to find!- Heather Day, Spectrum
Brian is an exceptional coach who is very insightful in his work. His caring yet direct style creates a relationship where progress is inevitable. Brian is equally as effective handling those situations that need short term interventions as well as those that are challenging and difficult to work through. I highly recommend Brian without reservation.- Michael Scarpone, Scarpone & Associates

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